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Erotic Touch......

The Art of Erotic Touch....  CALL AS early as possible, for same day appt- ~ Call ANYTIME!!~


YOUR Private, Sensual Tantric Experience awaits. I am Discreet at all times, in all areas. It's the reason I do things the way I do them. Come Enjoy, I WILL ease your mind, That's a Promise!

As I have written about on here for years, it has finally happened. They have cracked down on the "Advertising Websites"  because of human trafficiing & underage  prostitution that has been growing in these "SPAS". Take my word for it, you do NOT want to be a part of that, or get caught up in it by being on those premises. Do your homework!

My contact info is below & always kept very private.  It is important to "READ"my site before calling.

Squeeze My Tight Butt,~Feel my Silky Legs~ My Shiny D's right in your face~ Lose Control~ YOU have NEVER been teased to this point before. I have a lot to choose from & have all info on these pages. If I didn't have it,  someone would ask, so here it is!!

**WILMINGTON!~10-7 PM **MON- SUNDAY* Call to check Weekend Availability  Please Note, if you are a returning client & know my location, if you are running ahead of schedule, please hang out in a business parking lot close by, *NOT *in my neighborhood,until your appt time, If you are a new client, if you are EARLY,  call me at your appt time. If you do want the 10 AM appt, it is best to book the day before, it gives you a better chance of getting that one..

 The "EARLIER & more time in advance you call,  *SAME DAY* the better the chance I have to get you in.** ~  704-791-0626, Read my info first. I book a certain way to be private & discreet for all parties.  I am VERY clear on here about NOT booking, then cancelling~ I don't appreciate GAME PLAYERS holding a time, that a SERIOUS GENTLEMAN wanted. I'll respect you, & you respect me.

Call Anytime~ Booking in advance assures you of the Certain DAY & TIME you want, but is not necessary..It's very EASY. Please ONLY call my PHONE, when You know HOW I book, & Are  CERTAIN  of your times you are available~ When you have NO questions~MY Voice Mail is PRIVATE, but it is HOW I BOOK>..Let me reassure you. I have an established Clientele, & and LOVE them! There IS NO Shady Business here, nor do I condone it. I have been around for a while now. Just Feel Safe. If you do not, it takes the fun out of it,,Right?

***IF can get you in, I will  text you,,text is from a discreet  (910 #) account, THIS IS NOT a PHONE.  It is *Webtext & *NOT monitored** all day, It's just used as a faster & more private way to set  up the appt  you are wanting at the time...Always check for texts, if you are waiting to see if I can get you in. **If you need to cancel. CALL MY PHONE, 704 791-0626  as EARLY as possible, at least 3 hrs prior, so I have time to try to book the time you were holding. 

New Pics & Sessions!! Links to the left <<<<<<

~Serious to book, CALL, ***Leave A MSG***, Your Return Cell number, ALL times You can "Confirm" & not have to cancel**NO weirdos**, NO GAMES**.   Keep an eye on your Texts., it is FIRST to confirm back that gets the opening...Bring Cash~

NO personal Info is needed from you to Book, I work Privately, just make sure you are POSITIVE When you call...Read ON.... 

Monday-Sunday10 AM Til 7 PM~ Booking is easy, read everything, Then call to Book :) 704-791-0626, NO Texts. 



**I do NOT answer Random calls.**...If you are trying to book, please  Leave ME a msg  & **Keep an eye on  YOUR voice mail. & Texts...REMEMBER, I work Discreetly~I do NOT call Hotels, Offices Or Landlines. Cell Phone calls are returned :) In my opinion, Landlines & Offices are not private enough for  me. 



.*Come Fulfill Your Fantasies W/ Me!..Book EARLY for best availability, ..!~Last Minute calls are ALWAYS Welcome also, I will do my best to get you in! !~Ready to be TEASED?? 

Booking is easy, make sure you are calling from a CELL Phone, not a land line or from your office or Hotel. Privacy is Guaranteed.

Leave ALL times *YOU* are  available on my voicemail, I will text you back shortly if I can get you in:) Please read this site, so it has *ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED*, & you are READY to confirm an appointment when you call. I have a very nice, clean & private studio in an Upscale Neighborhood.,, Shower & Clean linens are waiting on you...So am I....;) 704-791-0626, You can text a response back to my text account #. 

Please Note, if you are a returning client & know my location, if you are running ahead of schedule, please wait in a business parking lot close by, *NOT *my residential area ,,until your appt time, If you are a new client, if you are EARLY,  & call early, please do **NOT** Leave me a voice mail, I may not get it for quite a while, .just CALL BACK closer to your appt time. Thanks!

I do not Play Games, MY Clients Appreciate that , & I value YOUR time, have the same respect  for mine. 


Wilmington N.C. Sensual Bodywork, *Reviewed as Wilmington's BEST! 

                            Call anytime to Confirm your Private Appointment!~ :)  You will get a text back shortly (within business hours) if I can get you in during the times you gave me. If you do not hear back,  just know I could not honor your time request, and call back any time in the future you can confirm another time. (Number ONE reason for not getting a call back is **Forgetting  to leave your number***.I do not call hotel rooms, or *Office Extensions*, it needs to be YOUR  cell phone ;)..Sometimes appts get booked early, but I always suggest calling anytime to check for a cancellation/opening...10 AM til 7 PM 

704-791-0626, NO Texts come through on that phone.


10 AM til 7 PM. BOOK as EARLY as you can, there will be more openings for you to choose from...

Monkey Junction/Carolina Beach , VERY Nice Area~(MAP it, so you KNOW where I am located)

You are always welcome to call at any time to check for an opening!!     

  Call when you HAVE NO questions ***& are serious~ 

Tanned, Toned, freshly showered & waiting at the door for YOU!!.. Come ON!! 


Be POSITIVE when you book ... NO shows are NOT allowed to ever reschedule, and people that cancel, will only be allowed to book last minute. I do NOT call hotel desks, & ask for a *room number*, you will have to call me from your own phone.

 Vibrant, Fun loving, with  great personality ...very Trustworthy, very Private. It takes a Private person to Respect the Privacy of others. I treat other people like I like to be treated,  my Philosophy is "Spoil, and be spoiled !".... If you like a mix of SeXXy  Safe, and Relaxing fun,that will leave you with permasmile the rest of the day, come visit Star of the Carolinas!!

Feel free to bring your own toys, lotions, or scrubs! I have *Unscented* also...

.NO texts go through on my phone, I don't travel, No Taxis, or Motorcycles.

 Your information is 100% secure, and NOT kept!...**Star...Of the Carolinas!*

Cash Only, bring lotions, toys for yourself, ** if you like~

NOT associated with an Agency or Business~

                                                                               CASH ONLY~                    OjackieO   


The Art of Erotic Touch....